“Better than meat” Vegetarian Tacos

When we buy meat, we hardly stop to consider where that meat came from. Yes, obviously, it came from some type of animal, but what was involved in the process of getting that meat into your local supermarket and onto your plate? Every year, billions of animals are raised for food under deplorable conditions. They are over-crowded, poorly-handled, and most endure inhumane conditions. Whether we like it or not, that blood is on our hands as consumers.

We have the power to change that. As consumers, what we choose sends a message. So, if we are going to buy meat, we should buy from welfare-certified farms. Similarly, we should try to choose plant-based alternatives when possible. Hani and I have signed the ASPCA’s pledge to shop with our hearts, and so, we are eating plant-based foods whenever possible in order to be more responsible consumers.


Recently, we have discovered Seitan (pronounced “say-tan”). Seitan is “a traditional Japanese food made by rinsing the starch away from wheat and retaining the protein. With an impressively meat-like texture and robust flavor, seitan is both high in protein and low in fat without the cholesterol associated with meat.”We have incorporated Seitan into tacos (recipe posted in this article!) as well as other dishes like lasagna. We find the texture to be impressively meaty and the spices used in Upton’s Naturals (our favorite Seitan brand) make you forget that you aren’t eating meat. As meat-lovers, this substitute rivals meat in both texture and flavor. We don’t feel like we are missing out on anything by using this substitution. I couldn’t tell (especially in the lasagna) that this was a meat substitute, but Hani said he could if he paid close enough attention. With that in mind, he said he would still pick it nine out of ten times over ground beef. We find Upton’s Natural at our local grocery store, Fairway, but if your local grocer doesn’t carry it you can always find it at Amazon (see here).

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