We are Nancy and Hani: married millennials living in NYC. We have nothing against the label of “millennials,” but there is one millennial trend that we just don’t agree with — eating out to the point of financial ruin. While we think it’s fine to enjoy restaurants every now and then, we don’t believe that ordering out all the time is good for one’s lifestyle or wallet. We don’t believe in spending $50 on brunch when it would cost us $10 at home. Since we have moved to NYC, we have discovered the joys of cooking together in our tiny apartment kitchen and the joys of having restaurant style food, without the restaurant price tag. Join us on our journey of eating well and saving money in the process.

What we cook

We are Circassian-Syrians with very rich culinary history. We grew up eating Circassian and Middle-Eastern foods all our lives, and many of our dishes are influenced by this cultural history. Aside from Middle Eastern cuisine, we cook all the foods we love, be they American, Italian, Thai, Indian, or Mexican. The world is in our kitchen.

Our culinary background

Absolutely none. We have never cooked a day in our lives prior to living together. As dedicated college students and full-time employees, we never spent any time cooking or attempting to learn how to cook, to our mother-in-laws’ chagrin. Yet, we loved to eat. We gobbled our mothers’ homemade dishes and were exposed, at a very young age, to high quality and homemade foods, particularly from the Middle East. When we got married, Nancy said upfront, “I don’t know how to cook.” As a modern couple, we understood that cooking is a joint responsibility and we discovered the joys of cooking together and learned how to cook as beginners.

Our schedules

We are not full-time bloggers or chefs. From 2015-2017, Nancy was a full-time teacher and a full-time graduate student while Hani worked a traditional, full-time job. With a full-time schedule, we make the time to eat well by planning our weekly menus every Sunday and making a commitment to cooking what we crave instead of buying it out.