Cheesy Cauliflower Pasta

Cauliflower has such a delicious flavor when baked or fried. It’s a vegetable that is often forgotten when it shouldn’t be! The dinner we had the other night reminded us of that, when we made a cheesy cauliflower pasta, using this recipe from Bon Appetit. Garnished with toasted pine nuts and some parsley, this delicious pasta dish looks impressive and like it was a lot more difficult to make than it actually was.

Bon Appetit does a great job telling you how to make the dish anecdotally (their idea of cooking without recipes is fascinating). The link I provided above gives you the steps, but feel free to depart from the recipe where you deem appropriate. We didn’t have whole garlic cloves on hand, so I cooked minced garlic in some oil to release the flavor and soften them and added them to the cheese mixture before combining. Enjoy!

I'm a busy New Yorker who LOVES to cook. Aside from being a full-time high school English teacher (who recently completed her Master's degree!), I'm a huge foodie who wants to eat restaurant-style food without the cost.

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